Education & Practice 
Promotes connections between these two areas of nursing and enhances communication and support between them.
Committee Chair: Ann Bentzen

Reviews the financial status of the organization, advises regarding financial policies and proposes the budget for coming fiscal year for approval by the Board of Directors.
Committee Chair: Kathy Marsch

Stimulates interest in NNYPNO, encouraging membership while assisting in recruitment and retention strategies to assure member satisfaction.
Committee Chair: Susan Birkhead

Develops ballots for all elections and administers all voting processes.
Committee Chair: Tara Burke

Proposes topics to the board for meeting presentations arranges for speakers, and completes all CNE applications.
Committee Chair: Diane Bartos

Sharing & Caring 
Exhibits benevolence toward nurses and their families. Actively provides the LENS programs in the Capital District.
Committee Chair: Karen Henchey

By Laws 
Reviews and evaluates existing bylaws of the organization annually, recommends and considers proposals for change submitted by members.
Committee Chair: Susan Birkhead

Monitors legislative and regulatory proposals at the state and local level for educational purposes.

Updated 8/18/17